Unleash Your Inner Strength with ParaBullStar

ParaBullStar is a wheelchair-bound bull residing on the moon, tirelessly fighting for cryptocurrencies and those investing in them. His father is the widely recognized Wall Street Bull. While ParaBullStar respects his father, it’s the world of cryptocurrencies that has captured his heart, rather than traditional Wall Street.

How can you become a follower of ParaBullStar?

Subscribing to ParaBullStar is easy. Lock 1,000 ACS tokens on Access Protocol. ACS tokens operate with nearly zero fees on the Solana network. You can purchase ACS Tokens on platforms like Coinbase or Bybit.

Why does ParaBullStar sit in a wheelchair? cryptocurrencies?

Find answers to these and many more questions by reading ParaBullStar’s own blog on Scribess:

Each blog’s images are owned by ParaBullStar and are given to his followers through monthly NFT drops into the MyLife collection. Trade NFTs on the Tensor platform at

ParaBullStar also harbors a keen interest in art and releases his own NFT art pieces to followers in the MyArt collection:

More is more

By locking ACS tokens, you also earn yourself. You can cancel the subscription at any time, and your ACS tokens will be returned to you. The more ACS tokens you lock, and the longer they stay locked, the higher the likelihood and the rarer NFT artworks you will receive.